Open relocalisation is the future!

Relocalisation is looking for the appropriate territorial scale for the best environmental and social conditions for the production and exchange of goods and services. Relocalisation creates real links and social interactions amongst residents. Relocalisation concerns all aspects of a territory’s life: agriculture, industry, trades, business, services, water, energy, housing, education, culture, community life, conviviality and health…and, of course… democracy. It concerns all spaces: rural, urban, sub-urban, peri-urban. It can be implemented by public, private or associative entities…

Open relocalisation should not be mistaken for protectionism. It is not about protecting oneself from the others. It is about putting a stop to this mad mobility: source of considerable waste and inequalities. Every region develops its own autonomy in tune with the other regions. Relocalisation is necessary for us to reclaim responsibility for our actions. Global society masks the social impacts (inequalities, precariousness), environmental impacts (energies, renewable resources, pollutions…) and insults general wellbeing. In a relocalised society, each individual measures the consequences of his/her actions on a daily basis, and re-considers his/her lifestyle for the benefit of each and everyone.

Relocalisation is already happening. You are reading the first issue: Number 0 of a new quarterly publication: Proximities (Proximités)

  • Proximities aims at defending the values of relocalisation, and the de-mercantalisation of the world, ecology and equality (between sexes, age, income…) and at questioning the equation: wealth-income-work and the concept of property (good uses and misuses).
  • Proximities intends to present the most innovative and alternative initiatives: informal and/or illegal vis a vis the existing legal framework.
  • Proximities wants to be a practical tool to meet people: to show through existing examples that relocalisation is possible and to give people the desire to follow in these footsteps.

Proximités – Editorial Number 0

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