8 videos with Vincent Liegey on Degrowth

Vincent Liegey, French Degrowth thinker and activist, is one of the spokespersons of the French Degrowth movement, member of the International Degrowth network. He’s also the co-author of the book Un Projet de Décroissance – A Degrowth Project (2013).
See more: http://www.projet-decroissance.net

Thanks to Peter for this videos.

#1 Degrowth as a provocative slogan

#2 Degrowth as concept of reappropriation of fundamentals of life

#3 The physical limits to growth

#4 Degrowth and the religion of Growth

#5 Degrowth Project

#6 History of Degrowth

#7 Degrowth and the crises

#8 About the book « A Degrowth Projet »

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